Community Development

"Guernsey has many strengths-we have good people and great climate."

On July 1, 2008 Guernsey, in conjunction with the National Guard and the Guernsey Economic Development Board, decided to proceed with the community's 5 Year Master Plan as well as prepare for the growth of Camp Guernsey.

In 2017, Sarah Cowan, the newly appointed Community Development Coordinator, was hired to facilitate the implementation of community development projects and activities. She will serve as a liaison between the principal partners to include the Town of Guernsey, the Wyoming National Guard and the Guernsey Economic Development Board.

Mrs. Cowan was chosen for this position on a yearly contractual basis with annual renewals. Mrs. Cowan says he is looking forward to the challenge of the position.

She has established an office along with open office hours for interested persons of the community to visit with him at 40 S. Wyoming Avenue. Her office telephone is 307-836-2689.

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To become a volunteer and help sweep the streets clean, contact Bruce Heimbuck. Click here for more details.